Maxine, Listen to Your Own Words

The House Coronavirus Crisis Subcommittee got ugly last week when Representative Jim Jordan started pressing Dr. Anthony Fauci a bit too hard for the Democrat’s liking. Chair James Clyburn, the King-Maker of Joe Biden, tried in vain to get involved but it was Maxine Waters who stole the show.. In the sweet voice she uses with authority she yelled out…..’Shut Your Mouth’. A complete breakdown of decorum but not below the activist representative from Los Angeles who has shown there is no bar low enough for her.

Maxine Waters is known for flapping her gums and apparently revels in the attention it garners for her. She spent four years yelling “Impeach 45” to anyone who would listen. She told supporters to get in the faces of Trump backers wherever they were found. There was no mistaking the fact she was encouraging confrontation and in many restaurants around the country, we saw it work. How many video clips did we have to see of young activists surrounding conservative politicians or Trump supporters and cause them to have to leave their dinners behind to know that people were listening to the words of Maxine Waters. Her mouth knows no boundaries.

She has taken her show to Minneapolis this week and her rhetoric is being heard in the streets. We need to get more confrontational. We need to make them know we mean business. This was her message. These were not her people but that does not matter. If there is a fire, Maxine has the gasoline. What will be enough to satisfy her appetite and lust for unrest? To her, these folks can burn the city to the ground for as the smoke clears, she will be back in Los Angeles looking for her next cause. The Chauvin case is not the story here although the Judge has already identified Mad Max’s actions as ammunition for an appeal. Won’t that be sweet if the case is overturned because of her mouth and actions.

Maxine Waters stokes the crowd in Minneapolis

No, the case here is the abhorrent behavior of a sitting member of Congress. Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader, is going to move to have Maxine Waters censured. He may not be successful but she has to be somehow held accountable for her misdeeds. If not removed, the House can at least tell her in unison …”Shut your Mouth “ and have Jim Jordan lead the chorus.

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  1. Living in Edina, right beside Minneapolis, I can tell you the city is still destroyed from last summer’s riots. The last thing MPLS needs is Maxine showing her face, opening her mouth and inciting violence during the Chauvin trial, a very stressful time. Shame on Maxine, but she does not know what shame is. She personifies it. I hope and pray there is some consequence for her mouth. But I won’t hold my breath.