Not Mad…..Simply Sad

By: Ray Cardello February 19, 2021

A comment posted yesterday to a tribute post to Rush Limbaugh

I do not believe in generalizations or lumping an entire group of people under one umbrella, but I am getting very tired of the hypocrisy of the left and its characterization of the right. I do not consider myself a Racist, a Bigot, a White Supremacist, an Extremist or Ideologue. It is offensive to be labeled any of these names simply because I believe in a political philosophy. I was very saddened when I saw the attached comment yesterday and I try to imagine what could bring about such anger. I cannot put my head in that spot.

You cannot watch any channel or read any newspaper or website and without folks on the left, talking heads that I do not want to give credibility to, preaching about the divide in this country. Of course the blame is put on Conservatives and then the “expert” will go into a litany of slurs to enforce their belief in how cruel and evil we are on this side of the aisle. It should raise the hair on our necks but I really believe we are simply saddened to hear the same talking points repeated ad infinitum. It gets old and soon just becomes noise.

My circle of friends is mostly right leaning….some lean more than others and there are some folks of opposing view sprinkled into the circle. I will not speak for all Conservatives but I will speak to my sampling. We are positive people. We believe in God, Family, Friends and we all have a deep love for our country. We are fearful of the current direction but as Rush Limbaugh often said, there is no time to panic as we should always hope that the majority of people share the image of our country and will keep it on track. I will not deny the shameful acts of January 6th but I guarantee that you will not find many Conservatives who support such actions. That was an anomaly and not our M.O. We do not riot, we do not loot, we do not destroy property. We communicate, we participate, we write and we try to persuade people that America is still a great country with a bright future…..if we don’t let it jump the tracks.

This post by the verified Gay Rights Media is evidence of the type of people or groups that are creating the divide. The person who wrote this hopefully did not give his words much thought. This group flys the Rainbow Colors and begs for inclusivity and equality (equity) in every aspect of life and then posts this unnecessary venom filled collection of words. Should we get mad, probably but I think the majority of us feel so very sorry that this person contains so much anger. It is a burden we don’t carry and that is why we can have hope. Hope that this anger will burn itself out and when it does, we welcome them under our umbrella where every day is partly sunny and the future is bright.

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