The Conservative Movement Loses a Leader

By: Ray Cardello February 18, 2021

Icon, Legend, Leader….we have lost a part of our history.

The Conservative movement is credited by most to President Ronald Reagan but many will say that it was the impact of Rush Limbaugh and his outreach to 20-30 million followers that is really the leader of the Movement. In a world of liberal media, it was rare that someone like Rush could amass the following that he had but it was the power of the message that was key. Conservative Talk Radio has been the target of liberal politicians for years. They knew the power of people like Rush who could reach millions…..not just reach them but get them to buy into the message and become not just listeners but members of the movement.

Rush Limbaugh receives the Congressional Medal of Freedom from the First Lady

Dead at 70 after battling lung cancer, he passed far too soon but he was ahead of his time. He created Conservative Talk Radio and made it a force. He was a Patriot, a Conservative, a True American. He loved this country and it was that love that drove him to be who he was and why he was so integral in the lives of many.

Rush Limbaugh expresses his love of President Trump at the State of the Union Address in 2020

There may never be another Rush. He was the right person at the right time with the right message and the right audience. A lot of “right” in that last sentence and for good reason, he was responsible for preaching to his rabid listeners that the thinking of the “right” was the right way for America to continue to exist. Rush may be gone but his impact, his philosophy, his message, his energy will live on for years. I guess in the end, what more could we ask for from a life ended far too soon.

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