The Cost of Biden

NH Gasoline Price Trend Nov-Feb

The rising gas prices that corresponded exactly with the day that Biden took office is but one measure of how costly the Biden administration has already been and what may be ahead. Gas prices are increasing daily as we are migrating from the state of energy independence we achieved under Trump to the Green Energy Era of Biden. The Pipeline has been halted, drilling on federal land stopped, offshore drilling curbed and evidence indicates he has just begun to hurt us in the wallet.

The interesting, and frustrating, reality of the Pipeline being red lighted is the fuel is still flowing but by truck and rail. These methods are not only more costly but generate more pollution and are potentially more hazardous. The storm that has gripped Texas has shown the pitfalls of wind energy as all wind driven turbines in the state are frozen as are many of the residents. As of today, 17 people have died in Texas due to the cold.

Jobs are being killed. The COVID Relief Bill is nowhere near ready to give aid to anyone. Vaccinations are at a slower rate than pre Biden times. Schools are not open as Biden succumbs to the Teachers Union. The Wall is not only stopped but may actually be taken down. 25,000 illegals are being released from Mexico and being let into our country and another 125,000 have been approved. No vetting, no testing. Our citizens are in virtual lock down but the illegals are free to roam.

We have rejoined the Paris accord which just means our money going there with no results to show for it. We have rejoined the WHO….what have they done to solve the Pandemic on a world level….nothing. We are going back to the good old days of NATO where we pay and Europe says thanks….now we don’t have to.

What a successful administration. All this negativity in less than 3 weeks. Just wait to see what the next four years will bring. Buckle up and watch your wallet. Your money is his money to spend.

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