Say Her Name, Joe. Her Death Is On You

By Ray Cardello for February 27, 2024, Season 25 / Post 1
Laken Hope Riley was a 22-year-old attending the University of Georgia. She was well respected and loved on campus, and people who knew Laken were impressed with her energy and willingness to help anyone in need. People admired Laken’s love of life. Laken went for a run last week on a popular running trail that has been trusted and used by students and staff for years. It was on this trail that Laken met Jose Antonio Ibarra. It was on this trail that Ilbarra supposedly killed Leken, ending her life before it really started. This senseless end of Laken Riley’s life did not have to happen but did because of the reckless decisions of Joe Biden and Alvin Bragg. Laken’s death will be forever on the conscience of Joe Biden and Alvin Bragg.
Ibarra is an illegal migrant from Venezuela who has been in this country for two years. He was arrested in New York City in 2023, less than one week after he entered illegally, for assault on a minor but was released before ICE could take him into custody. Now, he may have elevated his terror on our country by killing an innocent co-ed, changing a family forever. We had him, let him go free, and now a beautiful young woman with her life and dreams before her will be laid to rest.
The White House finally made a statement today, giving their condolences to the family. When George Floyd died in Minneapolis, the Biden White House posted over 25 text messages in the first 24 hours. When this poor excuse for a human was wading across the Rio Grande, everyone from Biden to Harris to Mayorkas down to the incompetent Karine Jeanne-Pierre was gaslighting America that the border was closed and secure. They lied because they never had any intention to close this border and defend the sovereignty of America. These globalists, who put globalism over Nationalism, can now go to the Hallmark Shop, buy a sympathy card, sign it, and send it off to the family of Laken Hope Riley.
Biden has announced he will visit the border when the AAA Triptik arrives. He has announced he will not initiate any actions on that trip. He will hold off until the State of the Union before he does anything to secure the border with an Executive Order. He has been blaming the Republicans for months for not giving him the funds to secure the border, and he could do nothing without the backing of Congress. He Lies. He opened the border on day one by Executive Order and knows precisely what must be done to close the border today. Holding off until the State of the Union will give him the biggest bang for the buck.
Joe and his border czar, Kamala Harris, have avoided the border for three years. He delayed his visit to East Palestine, Ohio, for a year before his visit last week. He was met with such a cry of negativity that mainstream media could not cover the event. What is he going to do to take responsibility for the premature death of Laken Hope Riley? Whatever he does, it will be inadequate but will beckon the spirit of Beau.

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