A Tale Of Two Races

By Ray Cardello for February 26, 2024, Season 24 / Post 50

I won’t say this is the best or worst of times, but I think it is a time of change in America. Change may be the most overused and meaningless word in politics. It is a sign of pure laziness when a candidate claims it is time for a change and thinks that says it all. It says nothing. It is tantamount to someone responding with the word interesting in a conversation. It means and contributes nothing to the dialog. The change that is happening in America is palpable. It is a slow but growing movement rejecting the radical socialist views of the Progressive Left that were initially embraced but have proven to be failures. It is a movement that indicates a possible trend back toward more traditional values, dare I say, more conservative values.

The 2024 Presidential race is the redo that many of us have longed for and that the Democrats had hoped would never happen. The brash and maligned Trump is seeking to regain his place in history, taken by the lifelong politician, Joe Biden. In a time of change, two octogenarians will compete to be the leader of the free world, our President.

Both have been down this road, and both have won and lost. The battle in 2024 will be a contrast between a man who gets his energy from being with and in front of the people and one who has used up his energy and will run for office from his Delaware basement once again. Biden will do his best to avoid people and exposure to minimize his blunders, while Trump will balance his time between the campaign trail and various courtrooms. The 2024 Race will be our history’s most unique and confusing election.

The Democrat Party is caught in the conundrum of admitting Biden is unfit for the office and exposing the lie they have been telling for four years or sticking by their man and risking losing the Presidency. The Dems have done their best to weaponize the DOJ against Trump and force him to split his focus between the campaign and the preservation of the Trump business empire. The 91 indictments would seem insurmountable for most people, but Trump is rising above the most. Trump has the resources and the will to go toe-to-toe with those who would take him down. Leticia James and Fani Willis have exposed themselves politically, not legally, focused on taking Trump down. Each daily legal report shows a corresponding increase in Trump support. As Trump said a few weeks ago, he is one indictment away from winning the Presidency.

On the flip side, Biden will rely on his immediate surrogates and the Party to speak for him. Biden will not debate, hold a legitimate press conference, or public rally. Biden will try to win a second term by being the least transparent candidate ever. Show them nothing, say nothing, and hope the Democrat machine can produce enough votes in the crucial states to bring home the win.

Trump has to avoid a guilty verdict by a high court that will stall his campaign. New York will not survive the appeal, and Georgia is falling apart before it starts, but there are many more legal land mines between Trump and victory.

This election is unfortunate and embarrassing on the global stage, but the blame for that falls solely on the Democrats. They have a flawed incumbent candidate and an unpopular record, which forced them to get creative. Let’s hope the awakened American voters see through this and take the first step to reviving a great America, by putting Trump back in the White House for four more years.

A note from the author. This is my 1,200 article and consecutive days publishing on Conservative View From New Hampshire. I thank you for your support and look forward to keeping the streak alive. We have so much work to do but together, we can get the job done. Ray

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