Bear Pond Conservative Chronicles: What Do Maine Democrats Stand For

By Ray Cardello for February 25, 2024, Season 1 / Post 14

That does not seem like a complicated question to answer. When you look at some of the laws passed over the last few years, the Democrats who claim to represent all the people in Maine when they get together in Augusta are doing quite the opposite. They certainly are not passing laws that make it easier or safer to raise a family in The Pine Tree State, and they are not pro-business in a state that desperately needs an influx of new industry to help increase the living standards for much of Maine that exists at or below the poverty level. They are not interested in getting tough on organized crime poisoning much of Maine’s rural cities and towns. So when you listen to Democrats, they will gaslight you to think they are still the Party of the People, but their actions prove they are the most anti-people legislators you could conceive.

The people are starting to wake up in Maine and throughout this great country. The Black and Brown people that the Democrats thought they could count on without effort are beginning to realize they are the forgotten people of the inner city. Housing is scarce and out of reach of most minorities. Crime, especially in the metropolitan areas, makes it unsafe to raise a family and is forcing businesses to leave the downtown areas as it is too expensive to remain viable. Minorities are also seeing the truth that Democrats have been supporting abortion rights for decades as a way of controlling Black and Brown populations. And now, with the influx of millions of illegal migrants, minorities are seeing the resources meant for them redirected to people who broke into our country. These illegals are the new darlings of the Democrats because they see these people as future voters, and they are padding census numbers in Blue states from Day One, which helps to keep the Democrat power base solid.

Democrat policies in Maine are mimicking the national trends. Maine has one of the most liberal abortion laws in the country, allowing abortion up to the moment of birth. Maine legalized recreational marijuana use almost a decade ago, and with pot shops more prevalent than coffee shops, they are keeping the population numb and easy to manipulate. Maine has welcomed more than their share of illegal migrants, including a vast number of Asians, who have established a huge illegal pot farming industry that Democrats do not seem anxious to stop. Democrats seem unable to stand up to the Biden Administration that is crushing the Maine Lobster industry with excessive regulations, and they are working tirelessly to make legal gun ownership more difficult. They are putting pressure on legitimate businesses to stop selling “assault” weapons even though there is no such classification of rifles. Democrats argued that if Maine’s only Cabela’s location was to stop selling “military-style semi-automatic weapons” they would be showing “leadership” and would be doing their part to prevent another shooting in Maine. Rather than push for more support for mental health services, Representative Golden and Senator King have used the recent shooting in Lewiston to attack gun sales.

Maine Democrats believe in removing a child from a family that does not support their transgender efforts and voted no to a bill to prevent males from using female restrooms. There are few, if any, decisions that Democrats can point to show support for Mainers or families in general, which harkens to the question, why give these people the power to continue to chip away at the Maine we have loved. It is time for Mainers to follow the trend of Democrat voters nationwide. It is time to look at the Republican Party as the option for a better tomorrow.

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