Biden’s Policies Are Dictated By Swing State Polls

By Ray Cardello for February 24, 2024, Season 24 / Post 49

Many Presidents have tempered their policy positions while campaigning for or during their second term. Bill Clinton was praised by many for his move toward the middle, allowing him to get much accomplished in his second term. What Joe Biden has been doing the last few weeks is evidence his reelection staff is in panic mode and will say or do whatever is necessary to counter the damaging polls coming out of swing states that will determine the winner in 2024.

Michigan is an excellent example to analyze because the President has to win Michigan and is currently behind Trump in one-to-one polling. Joe Biden’s Green Policies and his mandate to phase out internal combustion vehicles are destroying the auto industry in Michigan and thousands of good-paying union jobs. Green Energy has been the number one policy of this Administration, and Biden has been unyielding in his focus until now. The difference today is that the impact of Biden’s premature and poor policy decisions has been devastating enough to break Biden’s support by the Michigan voters. With his policy no longer set in stone, Biden will reassess exhaust emissions that will delay the death of gas-driven automobiles. Biden’s difficulty securing the support of the powerful UAW and the recent announcement that the Teamsters are backing Trump has forced Biden’s hand. This Teamster decision will mark the first time they have supported a Republican in nearly fifty years.

This policy change is good news for the autoworkers in Michigan but leaves automakers questioning their future focus. Do they continue shifting their attention to electric vehicles, or is this a short-term flip solely for votes, and Biden will return to his pro-green push? Nobody except Biden can answer that question, and who would believe his answer? The Radical Left will pay close attention to this issue as any deviation from his green policies will bring stiff resistance.

The other issue generating interest and debate is also a high-wire
act for Biden as he does not want to alienate one block of Democrats as he satisfies another. Michigan has a significant Muslim population that has been critical of any sign of Biden’s support for Israel. This Muslim pressure, along with the Radical Left, in other words, The Squad, has been having an impact on Biden’s tempered support of Israel as they defend themselves against Hamas and Hezbollah.

Joe Biden has sent billions of our tax dollars to Ukraine and consistently demands more funds. There are reports of kickbacks from Ukraine into the Biden Family accounts. Biden tells us how important it is to give Ukraine the resources to protect its borders while ours remains completely open. When it comes to Israel, his message is very different. Instead of funds, he sends Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Israel to urge them to stop their attack on Hamas. He publicly denounces the push into Gaza by Israeli ground troops on their mission to retaliate for the Hamas attack of October 7 and to eliminate the potential repeat of such a breach of their sovereignty. Israel was once our strongest ally in the Middle East. Still, Biden is doing irreversible damage to that relationship if only to appease his connection with the Radical Left and to buy Muslim votes in places like Michigan. It is a transparent and shameless act but one we have come to expect from our Shadow president.

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