I Tried Wiping Out All Student Debt

By Ray Cardello for February 23, 2024, Season 24 / Post 48

In spite of all MAGA resistance, Joe Biden continues to cancel student debt. In spite of the fact that the United States Supreme Court ruled that Joe Biden could not forgive student loans. Biden continues to find the money to bribe students and buy millions of votes. Joe Biden is shameless in securing one of the few remaining blocks of voters he has not lost. He is not canceling student loan debt. He is transferring the burden for these loans to people who do not deserve the responsibility but have no choice in the matter.

Biden may be buying a specific group of voters, but he alienates many others. People who have already paid their loans or students entering college today will not benefit from Biden’s transfer of wealth. People who opted not to go the college route but took up a trade and spent years paying their dues while they worked towards a license will not realize forgiveness in their investment but will instead be asked to settle the debt of others. Strike that. They were not asked. Joe Biden told them to ante up and pay their fair share for college grads unable to pay their way.

On Wednesday, Biden spent time with a Black family who will benefit from his executive order to forgive their student loans. I specify a Black family, for they were not chosen by chance. He was scoring a double win. Look at me forgiving debts that are unconstitutional and doing it for Black families. Make sure you get your mail-in votes early.

Joe Biden is destroying this country, and the student block is his Bull Run. He destroyed the economy with 19% inflation for the first three years of his presidency. He has let 7 million unvetted illegal migrants come across the border he opened and watched as they spread across the country, making every state a border state. He has weakened our stand on the international stage as he botched the Afghanistan retreat, abandoned Israel as they retaliated against an assault by Hamas, and continues to send billions of our tax dollars to Ukraine to fight a winless war but benefits from personal kickbacks of American’s money. He has turned his back on police as his supporters installed DAs who refused to prosecute crimes destroying many of our great cities. He has allowed our homeless numbers, specifically the military, to explode and stood idle as 100,000 die each year from poisoning from Chinese Fentanyl. He has destroyed our energy independence with the stroke of a pen and has secured the support of the UAW as he kills thousands of jobs pushing for conversion to electric vehicles.

This shameless, feeble old man spent the day sucking up to smiling college grads who now enjoy a free ride for their useless education. At the same time, most Americans look at the last three years and ask what happened to the retirement and life we worked to secure, only to see the worst President in our lifetime destroy it all to finish the transformation of America promised by Barack Obama. Biden may have tried to wipe out all student debt, but instead, he destroyed America and the American dream.


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