What Shall We Call The New State

By Ray Cardello for February 22, 2024, Season 24 / Post 47

In three short years, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Alejandro Mayorkas have let enough illegal migrants breach our southern border that if we brought them all to one spot, they would total more than 36 states in our Union. If that is tough to grasp, we now have more illegals from over 150 countries than the residents of Massachusetts, Missouri, or Wisconsin. The Democrats are on a mission to award statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico to add Senators and Representatives to Congress that would give them an insurmountable edge forever. The 7 Million migrants represent ten members of the House if they could be brought to one location. You can bet the Democrats are trying to get this done. I have some state name suggestions: Bidenland and New Amnesty- rather simplistic, but you get the point. The number of people now scattered around America will change America’s complexion but also threaten every American’s safety.

If you remember Biden and Harris’s original assessment of the border surge, these people were predominantly from the turbulent Northern Triangle of Central America. This region is crime-riddled and poverty-stricken, which fed the sympathy and empathy the administration wanted us to have for these displaced families that needed the safety of asylum in America. This whole scenario was a lie then and pure fantasy today. These seven million people are unvetted, and the majority of migrants are single men of military age. We do not know their history, gang affiliation, or how many have ties to terrorist groups. It took less than twenty men to bring down the Twin Towers on 9/11, and they came to America legally. We now have over seven million and have no idea where they have gone in the continental United States. There has been an increase of over 500% in Chinese migrants in 2024. These people are not hiking thousands of miles but flying from China to Mexico and crossing the Rio Grande.

Half the people in America who get their news on mainstream media or, God Forbid, The View, have no idea the magnitude of the crisis at our Southern border and now the Northern border, too. When they hear Conservatives voice alarm at the situation, the Left throws labels of racism at those who see the danger of being brought to America’s borders. This border fiasco is dangerous, wrong, and self-inflicted on our country by our President, who refuses to acknowledge the crisis or the damage.

With the House impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas will never be successful in removing this harmful individual from office. The process will force the Senate to hold an impeachment trial, and the Constitution requires all Congressional activity to cease while the trial is in progress. This focus by Congress will force the mainstream media to cover the first impeachment of a sitting cabinet secretary in over 150 years. The media will spin the proceedings as a Republican witch-hunt and persecution of a good and honorable man, but they will also have to cover the border crisis as background for their narrative or be guilty of negligence and political bias, both of which they have been guilty of for years.

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