School Vouchers NOW!

By Ray Cardello for January 6, 2021 Season 8 / Post 8

The American education system is failing us. The various teachers’ unions are failing us. And now, teachers of America are failing us. It is now time for the money trail to come to the end of a long road.

The state raises money for education through sales taxes and lotteries. On average, 8% of revenues are federal, 47% from the state, and 45% locally sourced. The burden for supporting the education system falls primarily on all property owners in a given city or town. Homeowners pay 70% or more of their real estate taxes to support local public schools. These monies are collected from homeowners whether or not they have children attending public school. The system is broken, and if anything deserves to be defunded, it is the education system.

It is time for Americans to take control of these funds and have the option of spending their money to educate their children in a manner of their choice. In a perfect world, one could argue that everyone benefits from a well-run and productive education system. You could then justify everyone sharing in the expense, in some cases well into your retirement years. We do not have a well-run education system.

The education system has long been a source of liberal thinking. Starting decades ago in colleges and universities, educators planted the seed that our country was fundamentally immoral, was built on slavery and racism, and capitalism was a corrupt system. As students matriculated at these institutes of higher education, their philosophies changed, and they went on to teach in high schools and elementary schools. The indoctrination has finally made its way to the earliest stages of education. We have lost a generation to this process.

Education has taken its next step in the process. Test grades continue to drop. But our primary and secondary schools have focused not on fundamental studies, but Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice are now more important than reading, writing, and algebra. High-paid directors of DEIJ are taking their places in our local school boards, and these positions come with immediate tenure. DEIJ is now the acronym to live by.

COVID has taken a tremendous toll on the education system. Many of our nation’s schools remain closed for two years, with remote learning taking over for classroom study. Our children have been the victims of this movement. Test grades have slid, children’s social growth stunted, children’s welfare and safety have been jeopardized, and parents’ schedules have been disrupted. Billions of dollars have been earmarked in COVID stimulus bills, but most will not be spent for years to come.

The Teacher’s Unions have proven more powerful than the people and government. They have pushed America to a breaking point. And even this week, they have voted to keep schools closed. There is no science to support these closures, but we have no recourse. The unions and teachers are calling the shots. Ultimately, the people will win.

For years, taxpayers have been pushing for control of their money used for education. They have argued that their money should follow their children. Should they choose not to use the public schools and opt for private schools or homeschooling, their tax dollars should support that option. It is time for that option to be given a deeper evaluation.

The system needs to be rebuilt from the Department of Education to our local elementary schools. Unlike the thinking of the outgoing governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, the parents have a primary place in their children’s education. We can no longer give a blank check to a failing system. The bureaucracy and the teachers’ unions have become more critical than the education of our children. That system needs to turn upside down. It is high time to put our children and our future first.

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