Science Becomes Political

By Ray Cardello for June 7, 2021 Season 1 / Post 142

Science is supposed to be exact. It is about known facts and theories that are to be defined. Science is something we should be able to depend upon regardless of the source. If it is proven beyond doubt, then it should be exempt from opinion. Just the facts; that is science.

We have had a dose of science during this fifteen-month Pandemic. Thank God we had scientists working tirelessly to get vaccines developed, tested, and into our arms in record time. The vaccines are thanks to the private sector being set free by the government getting out of their way. The vaccines were not because of the government but despite it. The vaccines are the result of free enterprise and our capitalist society at its best.

At the same time, we had an excellent lesson in Political Science by the WHO, CDC, Dr. Fauci, and every politician who uttered the words “follow the science.” These frauds lied to us, flip-flopped, back-tracked, and protected China every step of the way. I will not say that Dr. Fauci, the highest-paid federal employee, has committed criminal acts. I will not say that he should be charged with any offense other than manufacturing a tremendous act of deception on the American People and possibly the world. He does owe the same people a sincere apology and should be forbidden from profiting from his position. He should not be allowed to publish his book documenting his inflated view of his failed efforts over the last fifteen months. He has profited enough from COVID-19.

We hope for the best from our elected. Whether Local, State, or Federal, we are usually disappointed. This let down we expect. But when it comes to doctors or scientists, we hope for an unbiased interpretation of the data and honest communication of their assessment results. When this doesn’t happen, as it has with the handling of COVID-19, we will become more cynical of all scientific queries. We are coming to the end of this Pandemic. Undoubtedly there will be others. If and when the next worldwide challenge arises, we must be able to follow the direction of the experts. Dr. Fauci has made that nearly impossible. He has brought our cynicism to a new level. This doubt does not feel comforting and does not put us in a good place.

In retrospect, Trump was right about Fauci all along. He would never have been able to remove Fauci. The world had bought the good doctor’s line and would have had Trump’s head on a stake. In hindsight, I wish Trump had pulled the trigger. As more of Fauci’s internal emails are revealed, the case against him gets more substantial. The media and its followers will never go so far as to admit Trump was right. They are, however, souring on Dr. Fauci. His ego will not handle that, and he may just fade away. As he cannot make amends for his shortcomings, it is time for us to put our faith in his successor. It is time for Dr. Anthony Fauci to become a footnote in history. Let us hope that a politician does not write history.

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