All Right, Now She is Mocking Us

By Ray Cardello for June 8, 2021 Season 1 / Post 143

Harris is in Guatemala for the photo ops.

Kamala Harris is in Guatemala this week to solve all of their social issues. Solving the core issues of the Northern Triangle countries is Biden’s solution to the flow of illegals across the Mexico / US Border. Her trip south is a perfect metaphor for her Vice Presidency. Shortly after taking off from Washington, Air Force 2 was forced to return due to technical issues. Her performance to date is a series of technical problems. Joe Biden has put Harris in charge of at least five significant initiatives, including the Border Crisis, and she is yet to produce any results. Blame her performance on Technical Issues.

A single line she uttered yesterday when asked when she would visit the border sums up her lack of understanding of her mission; “I am here visiting the President of Guatemala rather than a photo op at the border.” She may laugh it off, but she has it wrong. She is staging a photo-op, and the reporters are seeing and reporting on the pomp and circumstance. If she went to the border, the reporters would follow, and the world would then see what the border crisis is all about. Democrats cannot let that happen.

Last year, 2020, we had the lowest level of illegal immigration in forty-five years. Since the Biden / Harris administration eliminated the Hold in Mexico Agreement and reinstated Catch and Release, we see 200,000 illegals from 75 different countries crossing the border every month. Harris can say that our laws are enforced, but it is a lie. People are not being sent back or held for a hearing. They are flowing through the turnstiles because Biden invited them to do so.

Five months and now, we have one million more illegal immigrants scattered in every state. If this trend is allowed to continue, we will have 9.6 million new illegals during the first Biden term. Unacceptable. We hope there is no second term. The left uses the number 11 million undocumented immigrants, illegals in the United States. This number has been under-reported for decades and is closer to 30 million. When, if ever, are we going to face this problem and pass an Immigration Reform Bill that makes sense? Maybe never is the answer. Only one party, the Republicans, see illegal immigration as a problem. The Democrats see it as a solution to low-income workers and an increase in supporters for Democrat politicians. There will never be bipartisan support for any solution to slow or end the flow.

Our only chance at a solution would be a total flip to Republicans in the White House and Congress. Then the solution would need to be swift to be effective. The way the country is heading today, that flip could happen in 2024. We will have Biden and Harris to thank should that happen. Many say there has not been this much ineptitude in Washington since Carter. The Carter debacle led to Reagan. Let’s make sure we have another Reagan-like candidate ready to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January, 2025.

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