Ten Dead in Boulder is a Pandemic

March 25, 2021

Chuck Schumer will never waste an opportunity to spew nonsense. In response to the shooting in Boulder, Schumer took to any cable “news” show that would have him to say that we have lost over 500,000 Americans to COVID-19 but we have another Pandemic and that is out of control gun ownership and gun violence. I am in no way minimizing the loss of 10 innocent souls, including a hero Police officer who leaves behind seven children, but you can not equate this event to a national pandemic. To do so is ignorant and a misuse of the word. To put things in perspective, 10 people killed by gunshots happens nearly every week in Chicago. When was the last time you heard anyone going to the mics to call for action against the gangs in Chicago? You see, that is a black on black situation and does not support their agenda.

While mass shootings regularly grab the attention of the national media, they account for only a sliver of total gun deaths in the United States. The 68 people killed in mass shootings in 2019 make up a fraction of a percent of the 12,509 people killed by guns in 2018. On top of that, an estimated 22,000 people commit suicide with firearms every year. These 22,000 did not use ARs or high capacity magazines but those are the first two terms that come out of any Dems mouth immediately after a mass shooting incident

These numbers were generated by the FBI highlighting the most dangerous cities in the US ranked by firearm deaths per capita.

It is really pathetic how Democrats seize on these mass shooting incidents to fuel their argument that the Second Amendment needs to be reigned in and that the rights of law abiding gun owners need to be restricted. The Second Amendment protects the right to own and bear arms to protect yourself, your family, your property and also to rise up against an out of control government. It is this last element that scares the Dems. They need to be in control and the Second Amendment is an obstacle to that control.

Let’s get one thing very clear. Making laws to restrict law abiding people is one thing but somebody who wants to harm others, a deranged criminal, will not be impacted by any laws. They will get the guns, they will get the ammo and they will not be deterred by background checks and waiting periods and anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

We have talked about this in other editions of my Blog but Fort Pelosi is a great example of left wing thinking. A chain link fence topped with razor wire and backed by an armed National Guard will protect members of Congress but you should not be allowed to own the guns to protect you and your loved ones. Obviously their lives are worth so much more.

This attack on the Second Amendment must be put down. No unfortunate mass shooting can ever be used as a basis for what they want to accomplish. Let the Schumer’s, Pelosi’s, Harris’s and Sander’s take down the wall around our Capitol and fire their armed security detail and then we may enter into a conversation about illegal guns in the hands of gangs and criminals but until then, get your grubby hands off our guns and our Second Amendment. You will not win that shootout.


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    • You are not wrong to be concerned. It is a dark path these Dems want to lead us down. Thanks for your comments and for being so Conservative.