Texas….Help Is On the Way

By Ray Cardello for June 18, 2021. Season 2 / Post 3

Texas cannot wait any longer for Washington to do its job. Texas cannot wait for Kamala Harris to come to the Border to see how much of a crisis the porous Border is to our national security. Texas cannot wait any longer to curb the flow of illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande into their state. So they have sent out the SOS, and many states have answered the call. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and even South Dakota are sending National Guard Troops to Texas to help stop the bleeding of illegals across the Border.

On the one hand, it is excellent that Texas is getting voluntary help from other states but on the other hand, why should they have to seek help from other states? The crisis on the Border has been created by the Federal Government, specifically Joe Biden. Biden’s policy changes at the Border have caused an unprecedented flow of illegal immigrants across our Border. This flow is a security risk to the Border States and precisely the Border Cities. This mess needs immediate help, and it is not coming from Joe Biden. Biden told Kamala Harris to get on the problem. It has been over 85 days since Harris was assigned the mission to solve the Border Crisis. She has not gotten around to it yet. What could be in her inbox that is more important? Nothing. So we have no option than to assume she is not up to the challenge. She cannot do the job. Period.

Without Federal effort to solve the crisis, the states are on their own. They need to spend their own money, use their resources, and their ingenuity to secure our Border in their state. Texas is doing something that Trump was doing for four years and was working to hinder the illegal flow of immigrants. Texas is going to build a wall. What a novel idea. Not really. The Wall was a campaign promise that got Trump elected and stopping the Wall was a promise that got Biden elected. It is mind-numbing.

Another method that Texas is putting into action is calling out to other states for help. Specifically, help in the form of National Guard support. A few states have answered Texas’ call. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and South Dakota are sending National Guard troops to Texas to help secure the Border. One thing these States have in common is they are Red States. They are governed by Republicans who recognize the Border situation as a crisis and are willing to help. Thank God for their effort.

New Mexico, Arizona, and California, which are the other Border States, have not asked for help. California never will. Though most of California has a wall, the other two states may take this course soon. By their inaction, Biden and Harris have shown that the Feds will not spend a dime or a minute of their time on this crisis. This flow is what most Dems want.

These Republican Governors that are stepping up now are the same people who led their States out of the Pandemic quicker than all Blue run States. Their ideas work. Their ideals work. Their people are the beneficiaries. That is why people are fleeing Blue States for these Red States and the freedoms and opportunities they offer.

The Pandemic and the Border Crisis are changing the demographics and complexion of this Country. Time will tell us if that change is good or bad. But, if these people moving into these Red States bring with them the governing ideas they are fleeing, we are just expanding the breadth of the problems. That would be the worst-case scenario. But, one thing is for sure. The Federal Government under Biden and Harris is abandoning these States by ignoring the problems. But, ignoring them does not make them go away. The rest of us see them clearly and see the inabilities of this Administration, too.

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