The Winter Olympics Boycott That Isn’t

By Ray Cardello for December 8, 2021 Season 7 / Post 29

We should not be taking part in the Winter Olympics in 2022. We should not be sending any athletes to Beijing in February. We should not send a solitary diplomat to observe the Winter Games. We should do nothing to legitimize the Beijing Winter Games. There are so many reasons to justify this position. Let’s explore a few.

  1. China has not cooperated in the search for the source of COVID-19. The Chinese government has been stonewalling efforts by the CDC and the WHO to allow inspection of the Wuhan Lab. This lab is thought to be the source of the virus that has killed 5.26 Million people worldwide and crippled the world economy. What do they know, and what are they hiding.
  2. China is violating the rights of its people but specifically the Uighur population in northwest China. Internment, abuse, torture, and death are what these Muslims are faced. Estimates are that 3 million Uighurs have been detained, with only 1 million known to be still alive. What happened to the 2+ Million unaccounted for prisoners? We can only surmise the fate of 2 million unaccounted for Uighurs,
  3. The Chinese have created a semiconductor chip shortage which is crippling the American auto and truck industry. The chips made in China are used in every new car, truck, and most heavy equipments produced globally. China is manipulating the auto industry by not creating or shipping these chips.
  4. China’s influence on the NBA should warn how China can impact business in America. They have dumped billions of dollars into the NBA for the rights to broadcast games in China. They have implemented a boycott on the Boston Celtics because one of their players, Enes Kanter, has spoken out against China’s treatment of its people.
  5. China is threatening the future of Taiwan. The United States is committed to the protection of Taiwan from mainland China. This action is threatening the safety and security of all countries in the South Pacific.

These are some of the reasons the United States should sit out these Olympic Games. Allowing Xi to have the attention of the world the way Hitler did in 1936 is wrong. It was wrong then and would be wrong today.

Jen Psaki announced today that the United States would be implementing a diplomatic boycott on the Winter Games. She went on to say the athletes were free to go and compete in the Chinese Olympic Winter Games. It was a statement made in a matter-of-fact manner, and Psaki should have been peppered with questions and comments. This Biden decision means nothing. Nobody cares that John Kerry will not be watching the curling competition. They would care if the Curling Team stayed home, and they should.

This action is tantamount to no action at all. The Biden administration is bending a knee to the Chinese, and letting the athletes travel to Beijing to compete is a big win for China. LeRoy Neiman used to create unique paintings of the Olympics. Maybe we will see today’s famous artist, Hunter Biden, continuing the tradition. Better get him some new straws.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com