Time to Let COVID Die

By Ray Cardello for September 10, 2021 Season 2 / Post 37

We have a choice. We can let COVID and the hypocritical politicians and media talking heads control and scare us forever. Or, we can take control of our lives, understand choice and risk and get back to living our normal lives with our friends and loved ones. The problem is simple. For the last eighteen months, the mantra was to follow the science and get back to normal as soon as possible. Describing normal is like defining the meaning of “is .” Normal for the left and their media teammates is to wear a mask and social distance forever. Normal for the left is to obey the CDC and their daily changes and stay submissive to the whims and wants of the ruling class. Normal is also defined by groups like the teachers union that intends to barter freedoms in the classroom for money. These are the people that parents entrust their children to daily. It’s sick.

College football returned this weekend, and most stadiums were full and alive with rabid fans. These fans have had to watch and cheer their favorite teams from home since 2019, and their passion was pent up. The FedEx Cup was packed and loud this weekend. The Solheim Cup was packed and loud. Baseball clubs were enjoying a rebirth of fan support this weekend, and even NASCAR had real fans. It was great to see and feel the crowds and noise added to the game and broadcast.

The politicians on the left and the media were perplexed to see not an empty seat in the stadiums. They tried to scare the young students who attended these games they had been waiting for since last year. The scare tactics do not appear to be working. These young people are living their lives. They have found their way back to their normal lives. This activity drives the left crazy.

Joy Reid was attacking Jim Jordan and his tweet praising fans for not letting COVID win. She first attacked his God Bless line saying she doubts God would bless anything associated with “Assistant Coach Jim.” She then went on to concur with Dr. Fauci, who claims that COVID is here to stay with the different variants. These comments from a woman who took a bogus article from Rolling Stone about people using horse medication to fight COVID. She reported the article as truth and offered no apology to her few viewers after the story was debunked as fake.

At no time did the left or media condemn protests in cities like Minneapolis, Portland, or Seattle. At no time did they speak out about Black Lives Matter protests or Gay Pride celebrations. They are picking their spots to condemn, which is part of the control and fear they are pushing. This picking and choosing blow holes in their credibility, but it doesn’t stop them. CNN, MSNBC, and all of the networks are in unison with their criticism. It is as if they all get their talking points delivered to their inbox daily from the DNC. That is not beyond the realm of possibility.

With the polling numbers tanking for all of these entities and every facet of Biden’s administration, it appears that people are wising up to the Cheerleading of the left. It is also getting old that Biden goes into his Delaware bunker at every opportunity, and Kamala is nowhere to be found except at a Gavin Newsom rally. Biden is off to a Climate Change social gathering this week with the country still underwater or without electricity in the south. Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan, and COVID is rising.

Remember, when the times get tough, leaders step up. Charlatans head to climate change symposiums with John Kerry. Where is Joe going?

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  1. Maybe Covid would have died earlier if all the Trump supporters who have refused to get vaccinated, did the right thing for society and got vaccinated earlier. Didn’t have to follow the science. Just follow the evidence. I never saw you encourage your fellow conservatives to get vaccinated in the same forceful manner that you come out on other issues. Why is that?

    • Geno, First I thank you for reading my post. I work hard at making it accurate and timely. I fear you do not have the same accurate grasp of the subject. It is not Conservatives or Trump supporters that is the issue. It is the Biden administration that has blurred the Vaccine program from before the election. Both Biden and Kamala downplayed the vaccine during the election, to the point where Kamala said in a debate she would not get the shot. Even yesterday, Biden saying that vaccinated people are at risk from non-vaccinated is diminishing the effect of the vaccine. Also, it is minorities that have the lowest percentage of vaccinated people at below 50% while whites are at 57% and Asians are on top at 67%. I am not sure that you would call the minority population Trump supporters, but we would love them to be. Please keep reading and making comments. That is the intent. But please stop listening to Joy Reid, Rachel, and Don Lemon! They will steer you wrong every time.

      • Do not know those last 3 people mentioned in your post. Big, wrong assumption on your part, I guess. You never answered my initial question of why not post something positive in your blog, encouraging others to get vaccinated as all evidence points to serious infections arising out of the unvaccinated.

  2. Don’t even know the people you mentioned at end of post. Wrong assumption on your part. Again, why not use your blog for the good of society, and encourage vaccinations? You did not answer my first question.

    • Still no reply? Please do. I thought you wanted to engage in meaningful discussion? While at it, any thoughts on this report from the Kaiser Family Foundation?

      “There continue to be differences in COVID-19 vaccination rates along partisan lines, a gap that has grown over time. We’ve documented this in our COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor surveys of the public, and we’ve been tracking county-level data to assess vaccination rates in counties that voted for Trump in the 2020 Presidential election compared to those that voted for Biden.

      As of September 13, 2021, 52.8% of people in counties that voted for Biden were fully vaccinated compared to 39.9% of Trump counties, a 12.9 percentage point difference (Figure 1). While the rate of vaccination coverage has slowed in both county groups, the gap has widened over time (Figure 2).”

    • I have written 260 blog posts over the same number of days. The intent of my posts is to draw attention to events, offer my opinion, and urge people to do their own research and form their opinions. I don’t presume anything I have to offer to be “good for society “. I can tell you what I think is good or bad for our country. I feel Trump put us in a better place as a country and that Biden has done all he can to negate those gains. There is not one facet, be it domestic, economy, internationally, security, or control of the pandemic that Biden is making gains.

  3. Ok. Thanks for the eventual reply. Sadly, if you were to take your journalistic responsibility more as a way to improve society( in my view I am clearly meaning both our country first but also the world as a global citizen), then I could endorse some of your opinions. Unfortunately, all I read is bashing of the other political side, never any acceptance of the faults of the Trump years, and a continual rehash of the news I listen to on conservative news outlets. I will look elsewhere for original thought and a balanced opinion. Good day.