We Have Biden. Why Do We Need a New Plan?

By Ray Cardello for September 11, 2021 Season 3 / Post 38

Joe Biden was elected because he had a plan and was the only person who could lead our country out of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Biden convinced 80+ million people that he was the mature option to Trump and would bring civility and direction back to the White House. The shame is not that Biden was wrong. We knew he was selling a fantasy. The shame is that he got 85 million voters to believe him. This fact is hard to believe, but then again, QVC has been selling junk for 35 years. Biden and QVC prove that Americans will buy anything you put in front of them and tell them it is the greatest. That is why those massive storage buildings are popping up everywhere to hold our junk. If only solving Biden were to put him in a closet and pull down the corrugated door.

Joe Biden lied. I know, that’s a shock. He had no plan for COVID or anything else. That is why he had to unveil his “new” COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Plan. Per his edict on Thursday, Biden has shifted the responsibility to businesses with over 100 employees. Biden claims his administration has carried the ball long enough, and it is now time for someone else to take the lead. He has said on numerous occasions that he would never resort to mandates, and as of today, that is another broken promise. Breaking promises and lying are two things we can count on from Biden and anyone he sends to a podium or microphone.

One fact that you won’t see discussed anywhere is that the employees of the White House, Biden’s closest team of employees, are not mandated to take the shot. How can that be, and how can that go unnoticed? Everyone else is fair game, including children over 12. Freedom is gone when it comes to the choice of Vax or No Vax. This is the Joe Biden world, and if he gets away with this power grab, where is the limit to his control over people and business.

Is this course correction for a failed effort by Biden on his most significant campaign promise- to escort us out of the Pandemic? Or is this a smokescreen to distract America from his absolute debacle in Afghanistan? I have to admit that I am tired of hearing Biden, Blinken, and the rest of the team saying anything to legitimize the Taliban as a government. They are a gang. Not a 2.0 version. They are a blood-thirsty gang of thugs who hate us, hate women, and anyone else not toting a rifle and a turban.

Biden is proposing, and there does not seem to be a rigid timeline that will shut down all large assemblies. Sporting events may have to go back to cut out cardboard spectators. The full stadiums full of fans enjoying the energy of college football this past weekend may be one and done. Major League Baseball will be in the playoffs soon, and they may be playing to empty stands once more. Biden refuses to admit it, but we are taking a giant leap back away from normal. Normal was all we had hoped for during the last 18 months. Now we are not sure what the new normal will look like. Maybe Hunter can paint us a lovely scenic painting of normal. Let his straw lead the way.

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