We Can Solve COVID But Not a Gas Crisis


By Ray Cardello for March 18, 2022 Season 9 / Post 31


The COVID Pandemic attacked us in 2020, and our government, led by President Donald Trump, went into high gear and unleashed the might of the public sector to bring us a vaccine at warp speed. Today, we face another crisis, an energy crisis, that is crippling our economy, leading to record high inflation, and may put us into a recession. The way we handle this recent challenge is very different from COVID, and there are many reasons why. Let’s break it down.


The primary reason is that Donald Trump is no longer our President, and, unfortunately, Joe Biden now sits in the Oval Office. When Trump left DC., a gallon of gas was $2.30/Gallon. Today, the national average is $4.35 That is an 87% increase, thanks to the policies of the Biden administration.


According to the US. Energy Administration, in 2020, Americans used about 123 billion gallons of motor gasoline—or about 337 million gallons per day. The Biden Gas Increase transfers over $660 Million a day from American spending power to power our cars and trucks. That is the tip of the iceberg. Throw in the increased cost of goods due to production and transportation, and the 8% inflation is going nowhere but up.


It is almost criminal that the hardships on America do not even bother Biden and his team. We will soon be into our heaviest travel months of the year, and the cost at the pump will force changes to summer plans for many. This does not even consider the hole that many Americans will fall into heating their homes these past few months. This is bad for America but good for the Progressives who don’t like America but want to transform our great country. 


Inflation, a slowdown in the economy, and our dependence on foreign, corrupt governments do not spell America’s promising future. We went from an energy independent-energy exporter to negotiate for energy from Russia, Iran, and Venezuela. This change in direction has harmed our national security. Again, as evidenced by our wide-open Southern Border, this is not a concern of President Joe Biden.


We are fourteen months into the Biden Presidency, and nobody in control of their faculties can point to a single successful decision. There have been no terminations or staff changes indicating that the President is pleased with the direction he has put the country. Those on the far Left will see this as a success but not enough for the most radical. Our country is being manipulated by the extreme and progressive Left that is driven to make us a greener and less secure member of the world community.


So the most significant difference in the COVID and Energy crisis is that in COVID, we unified to fight a Pandemic inflicted on us by a foreign power. In the Energy crisis, we face a Pandemic caused by our leaders. There is no motivation on their part to solve conditions we feel due to their plan.


As people pressure Biden for a decision on his run for reelection, most of us are looking for ways to survive his first term. We can only look forward to November and Republican control of the House and Senate. We can then slow down this Biden erosion of America. Then we can countdown the days to Biden’s retirement in January of 2025. God save us until then.


This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 




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