What if the Laptop Was Real

By Ray Cardello for March 19, 2022    Season 9 / Post 32


The deniers have finally acknowledged the famous laptop that no one could talk about in 2020. The New York Post, vilified for breaking the news when it happened, is now getting the last laugh. The NY Post that was labeled a purveyor of conspiracy theories and no more than a grocery store tabloid was the only source of the truth.
The New York Post and FOX News broke this story in October of 2020, and news agencies like NPR called it nonsense, and they would not waste time reporting the story. NPR is taxpayer-funded, yet they were part of the cover-up. MSM quickly went to work to discredit the story, and Social Media suspended the accounts of anyone brave enough to speak of it.
The handling of the Hunter Biden Laptop Fiasco indicates how duplicitous this Press Secretary and the White House can be. Since 2020, Jen Psaki and the White House staff have spoken forcefully that the reality of a laptop belonging to Hunter even existed. They shrugged it off as Russian misinformation. Now that the New York Times has confirmed the existence of the Hunter laptop, the White House is treating it like a third rail.
“We will not comment and refer you to the Department of Justice and Hunter Biden’s legal representative” is Psaki’s response today. She goes on, “Hunter Biden is not a member of the Biden White House or the administration.” Well, the “Big Guy” may be part of the Biden White House, so how about answering the question.
The revelation by The NY Times this week is eighteen months overdue. The news should have been investigated and reported before the election when it may have made a difference in the outcome. People should have been aware of the nefarious activities of Hunter and Joe Biden. They instead were prevented from full disclosure by a cover-up by  Joe Biden, the mainstream media, and the social media companies.
Every talking head on every network and media outlet echoed the same talking points about the Russian conspiracy every chance they got. Their message was so consistent that you felt they received their news briefs from the Biden Office each day. It was pathetic and shallow, but in the end, it worked. They all got the man they wanted in the White House, and the Orange Man was out. That was their goal, and surrendering all credibility was a small price to pay.
Go back and look at all of the clips. MSNBC, CNN, NPR, every broadcast channel, and social media platforms sang the same tune and condemned anyone who thought or spoke otherwise. This look into the Biden underbelly is one of the biggest orchestrated cover-ups by the government and the press in our history. This effort is also election manipulation and, to me, is far more egregious than the January 6th “assault” on the Capitol. Congress should investigate it, but never will.
How will the media handle the Hunter Story now that the curtain has been pulled away? Will there be apologies and retractions? Will people have to resign for their bad judgment and direction? How will the social media companies compensate those they canceled as part of this charade. And finally, will Hunter Biden and Joe Biden be held accountable for using the United States of America for their financial gains? I will not hold my breath for any of the above happening in my lifetime. There is too much at stake and far too many people in high places involved.
If we allow ourselves to close our eyes and think about what the world would be like if the laptop was confirmed in 2020. Donald Trump would be in the second year of his second term. We would be out of Afghanistan, but the Taliban would be nowhere in sight, and thirteen young men and women would have gone home alive. Mask mandates would have ended months ago, and the economic recovery would be in high gear. The wall would be nearing completion and the border secure. The flow of Fentanyl from China would not exist. Our Police would be respected, and our Justice system would have teeth. We would be energy independent, and gas would be $2.40 a gallon. Inflation would be in check, and people would be proud to return to work. And yes, Putin would be in Moscow, not even thinking of Ukraine.

But, alas, the country was hoodwinked, and none of those great thoughts are reality. We have Biden/Harris, thanks to a massive cover-up. God, sit on our shoulder until we escort Joe and Jill out of the White House for the final time. Then we can go about the job of healing this great nation. God bless us and watch over us as we navigate these next three years.

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 



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