We Cannot Lose Sight of the Ukrainian People

By Ray Cardello for March 16, 2022    Season 9 / Post 29


Three weeks ago, the people of Ukraine were going about their everyday lives. They went to school, worked, shopped, worshipped, and played. They lived in an independent country caught in the middle. They are not Europeans. They are not Russians. They are their own people, very proud people. Vladimir Putin unleashed his military might on a sovereign Ukraine in an unprovoked attempt to annex her and bring her back to the Motherland.
There is much talk of Putin, Biden, and Zelenskyy. There are visions of caravans of tanks and personnel carriers staged and ready to assault the major cities of Ukraine. We see the atrocities of bombs and missiles hitting hospitals, apartment complexes, and other civilian buildings, leaving dead and wounded in their wake. Many labeled Putin a war criminal for his actions, but they continued without retribution.
There have been nearly four million Ukrainians who have fled into Poland, Romania, and other Eastern European countries who have their arms open for these refugees. These women, children, aged, and infirmed are only 10% of the Ukrainians. Millions of those remaining are running out of food, water, and medicines. This conflict is becoming a humanitarian crisis as well as a street fight. One indisputable thing is the courage and fortitude of the Ukrainians, from Zelenskyy to the now orphan children. In the face of annihilation, they have stood and fought for their homes and families
Men from 18 to 60 were not allowed to leave. They were considered to be of fighting age. So we saw families saying goodbye, not knowing if they would ever be united. The women, sometimes with young children, board trains to head for safety while their men hug, kiss, wave, then walk to the town hall to get their weapon from the government. There is a trained military and a civilian militia. Together they have proven to be a formidable force against a superior Russian army.
There is thinking that if the Ukrainians can hold off the Russians for two weeks, Putin’s Army will be cut off from their supply line. Like the Ukrainians they are attacking, they too will be out of food and water. The people of Ukraine will then have the advantage and could win this battle.
Some of our veterans, doctors, nurses, and people willing to do anything to help have traveled towards the danger to aid the underdog. Unfortunately, our President and Vice President have not shown the same courage. Biden has flip-flopped on the MiGs from Poland, and his VP has embarrassed herself again on the center stage. Her propensity to lump meaningless words together has become the meme of late-night comedy shows. She proves she is a minor leaguer trying to be relevant in The Show. She is failing, and I think we can expect the same from Biden next week. He will be heading to Poland, and sources say he has nothing new to offer. So why bother? To go for a photo-op will be a waste of everyone’s time and a show of weakness that America does not need or want.

It is anyone’s guess how this will end and what will be left of Ukraine. But one thing Ukraine will have is its pride. They didn’t run or hide but stood and fought. They have won the heart and soul of the world, as Biden has destroyed his legacy on the global stage. Ukraine has our prayers and our hope they will return and rebuild. Time will tell, and may God stay on their side.

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 


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