Weak Leadership at Home Brings Global Insecurity

By Ray Cardello for March 15, 2022    Season 9 / Post 28


This battle between Russia and Ukraine is not their first go-round. In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea, another chapter in the ongoing unrest between Russia and Ukraine that goes back to the 1700s. The short story is that Russia took Crimea from Ukraine. That was not the end of the saga as we see today that Russia wants all of Ukraine or will destroy it in its attempt.
There is a link between 2014 and 2022 and the Russian aggression, Joe Biden. It was Obama/Biden in 2014, and now with Biden/Harris, the Russian see a chink in the American armor. They are seizing on the weakness of Biden, not to mention the potential corrupt relationship of Biden/Russia.
Russia is not the only country taking advantage of America’s current weakness with Biden as her President. Iran launched ballistic missiles into Iraq over the weekend. Some say this was a response to the stalled negotiations between Iran and the United States as Biden wants to rejoin the Iran Nuclear Treaty. Russia is at the table assisting with negotiations.
North Korea has increased its activity with long-range missile tests. The fear is they are getting closer to a threat to America’s mainland with missiles carrying nuclear warheads. There is increased tension and anxiety that a China assault on Taiwan may be imminent. Talk on many mainstream media outlets is that we may be entering an era of global hostility thanks to a weak Joe Biden in our White House.
I share the feeling of many that we are under assault in America under Biden with nearly 200,000 unknowns crossing our border every month bringing gangs, drugs, and potential terrorists all hell-bent on causing harm to America. You can call it illegal immigration, but I call it an assault on our southern flank. We don’t have the military to stem that situation. We have Kamala Harris.
All of this is happening under the Biden watch. Why? Because nefarious leaders know that Biden will be too slow, ineffective, or ignore their actions. They can get away with what they are doing to others because Joe Biden is President. That is a sad, dangerous, and lasting situation.
Today, the world is far more dangerous and volatile than just ten years ago. There are more countries with or close to nuclear ready. The Taliban and ISIS have resurfaced and threaten stability in the Middle East. After four years of being kept in check by Trump, Iran has been given a second chance by Biden. China and Russia have allied, and having these two superpowers with no conscience between them in bed together is suitable for no one.
In addition to a weak Biden, he has made our military more WOKE than feared. We have a population that is more concerned with pronouns than patriotism, and the indoctrination of our children is on steroids with CRT. We are so malleable as a society that we allow a fictional story, The 1619 Project, to be taught as historically accurate in schools, yet we overlook 9/11.

In just over one year, we have taken giant steps backward in so many areas that you must wonder how long a correction will take. With inflation at a forty-year high, record gas prices, a looming recession, a poor energy policy, and a workforce content not to work, our strength and resolve are eroding. The only thing that Biden can point as a success is spending tax dollars we do not have at a record pace and a more diverse and Woke federal government. If that is his legacy, it is good for him that he may not recall it in the morning.

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