When Did War Become a Made for TV Event

By Ray Cardello for February 25, 2022    Season 9 / Post 10


The developing invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military has kept TV personalities on the edge of their seats for weeks. Will he invade today, will he invade tomorrow, nobody knows, but they are all speculating 24/7. Nobody knows what Vladimir Putin will do except Putin, and he is so erratic that he may not know.
The coverage is tantamount to the full day of pregame shows running up to the Super Bowl. The Russians will be wearing their visitor green uniforms, and the Ukrainian team will be in their home black colors. Ukraine will be defending its Eastern border, and Russia has opted to kick. Please stop it. This is war, and this is real. People will die, and a countryside will be destroyed. This is not a game. There are no cheerleaders or sideline reporters. Well, okay, there are plenty of sideline reporters.
This storyline is driven by the White House, State Department, and the Pentagon. To the Administration, this conflict is a welcome distraction, and the Administration is hoping this story will stop the slide in the polls. How sad that the performance of the Biden Team has been so poor that they are looking at a war halfway around the world to bail them out. It will not work as they are already showing by their implementation of sanctions that they are overmatched.
During the campaign, Biden claimed that when he was in the White House, Putin would be under control and would not test the world as he is doing today. Putin is taking Biden to school. Biden is reacting and not well.
The Biden Cartel has been exposed. He and Hunter are on the take from both sides of the conflict. They have made millions from Ukraine and Russia, and these arrangements are influencing Biden’s plan to control Putin. America, Europe, and the world will suffer because the Biden’s are profiting from bogus agreements. This situation is criminal and impeachable. If the Republicans take control in November, Biden will need to hide in a place more secure than his Delaware basement.
We are not the only country that will feel the pain of the conflict in Ukraine. Europe is buying a third of its energy from Russia, as is the United States. When the sanctions hit Russia, Putin will either shut off the supply to Europe and the U.S. or raise the price through the roof. We got into bed with the devil, and it may soon be time to pay. Gas at the pumps is already up 50% from a year ago, but $5 a gallon gas may be in our immediate future. With 7% inflation and increased gas and home heating fuel, Americans’ patience will run out soon.
On Thursday, Jen Psaki had the gall to respond to $5 a gallon gas by saying we knew that standing up for our principles would cost in our pockets. What is she talking about, and why does nobody ask? Are we talking about the Left’s principles to green energy or the weakness of Biden to keep Putin in his place?Either way, these are not our principles.


Thursday morning brought the world the reality of an invasion by Putin’s troops. Ukraine was target bombed, and ground troops were marching into Ukraine on their way to Kyiv. Putin has a list of Ukraine officials to capture or kill, and he is unleashing cyberattacks on any country that is complicit with U.S. sanctions on Russia.

Putin is a mad, ruthless dictator hell-bent on taking Ukraine and damaging the world economy. We need a Reagan or Trump-like leader, but we have Biden. This country, and the world, will regret the day that 81 million voters got hoodwinked and put Joe Biden in charge of the free world.

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