Justin Trudeau, A Little Man for a Big Job

By Ray Cardello for February 26, 2022    Season 9 / Post 11


Justin Trudeau may have lost any semblance of being a true leader in a show of narcissistic power as he tried to govern his country through the trucker convoy rally in Ottawa. Trudeau is a leader of one of the true democracies in the free world. But he played out this scenario in a more tyrannical manner than democratic. Trudeau failed his constituents and his country. When they needed him to stand tall, he came up short.
Trudeau had time to prepare as we watched the trucker convoy travel east across Canada to Ottawa. Instead of confronting the situation and negotiating with the truckers, his people, he first went into hiding. That is not a typo or snide comment. Trudeau went to an undisclosed location and was out of contact for days. At the same time, the truckers descended on Ottawa and choked off the area around the Capitol.
For nearly a month, the truckers occupied the city. Besides the traffic and business disruption, the event was peaceful, almost a festival atmosphere. All the truckers and their supporters wanted was to speak to Trudeau and convince him to end the mandates on them and the country. Trudeau dug in and would not yield to their requests. Instead, he went to the floor in Parliament and portrayed the protestors as White Supremacists, Racists, Misogynists waving Swastika and Confederate flags. Reporting and video for weeks could uncover none of the flags he spoke. His rants were immature and echoed the statements of the American Left.
Negotiations not existing, Trudeau ratcheted penalties and threats against the truckers, their families, and supporters. The Prime Minister urged two websites to hold $18 Million in donations made by people the world over to help support the truckers. The government released the names of donors who gave money to these sites., Some of these people had their accounts frozen, and some were arrested.
People were prevented from bringing food, water, and fuel to the trucks, and Police confiscated jugs of fuel and propane containers. Trudeau was going to freeze and starve the protestors into submission. After nearly four weeks and threats to have insurance policies terminated, licenses revoked, and even pets are taken from the protestors, the truckers agreed to leave the city peacefully and with dignity. Trudeau was not done with them.
The now dictator of Canada, Trudeau, had nearly 200 truckers arrested and their vehicles impounded. He who could not talk to these protestors would get the last word. Trudeau may have won this battle, but it may cost him the longer war. The protestors damaged the Prime Minister.
Trudeau’s handling of the Trucker Protest has been criticized by many in and out of Canada. Even members of The Squad say he exceeded his authority. Senator Ted Cruz echoed these thoughts. You have failed when you have the American Right and Radical Left agreeing that you performed poorly.
We can see many similarities between Canada’s young, immature leader and our aged, mentally challenged President. These similarities do not bode well for the people of two of the freest counties on the planet. They are both trying to portray themselves as strong leaders, but they are nothing more than weak politicians. People do not follow politicians. They want and need strength to rally behind. That is why you see the plummeting approval ratings for both the Prime Minister and our President. Both countries deserve better.

Poll numbers aside, the damage these two men are doing to and the lack of direction for their countries is creating long-term damage. The concentration of social justice may appease the loud few on the left, but weakening our presence on the world stage and the harm to our economic, education, and justice systems at home will be felt for generations. On this, the polls are right on target.

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