War Deserves a Full-Time President

By Ray Cardello for February 27, 2022    Season 9 / Post 12


The images tell the story. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is working round the clock to rally his people and support worldwide to save his country. Pan to the White House and the shot of the backs of Joe Biden and the First Lady boarding Marine 1 for their weekend in Delaware. The symbolism of seeing the back of our President should not be lost on the world. President Biden has been too little and too late since Day 1 of the Russian assault on Ukraine.
The message on sanctions has been very inconsistent from Vice President Harris, the State Department, the Pentagon, Jen Psaki, and finally, the President. Harris tells Europe that these are the most crippling sanctions ever used to deter Russian aggression. The President tells a different story claiming we need to show resolve as these sanctions may take thirty days to deliver an impact. Mr. President, the people of Ukraine, do not have thirty days.
We felt that the President would learn from the Afghanistan debacle, but it is painfully apparent that did not happen. For months, we have known that Russia was getting equipment and troops in position around Ukraine. Biden didn’t pull the trigger on sanctions. He couldn’t find the gun. The relationship between the Bidens, both Joe and Hunter, and Moscow has to be examined. There has to be a reason Biden is slow to act other than his total incompetence. We deserve to know the facts behind the Biden Cartel.
We are sending aid to Ukraine in hand-held and some anti-tank weapons This action is tantamount to handing David another pebble. The Russians are coming with tanks, air support, guided missiles, Special Forces, and the Ukrainians have men, women, and children carrying rifles. The Ukrainian people have big hearts, but they are outnumbered and outmatched.
The longer this conflict goes, the more casualties to be buried in the soil of their homeland. The story of the older woman who confronted a Russian soldier shows the courage of these proud people. She cursed him for what he was doing and told him she was not afraid to die to save her home. She also said her pockets were filled with sunflower seeds so flowers would grow from the ground where her body is buried. The Russians have underestimated the fight in the Ukraine people.
It is not so much that Biden has turned his back on Ukraine. He is not capable of governing or leading America through a crisis. He is not competent. His VP is a failure at every task she has faced. His staff was built to be Woke, not qualified. Elections have consequences, but so does leadership. Biden has done nothing to make America or Americans stronger from day one of his administration. He has done more to appease the Radical Left and their Green Theory and Critical Race Theory than to unite this country and pull us out of the Pandemic. He has failed America, but it is America that will pay the price for Biden’s actions for generations.
This article is not Biden Bashing but truth-telling. The facts are clear, and the failures of this administration in one year are enough to put Carter on Mount Rushmore. It is not enough to point out the shortcomings of Washington. We need to act, and the Convention of States and Article V will be a start. I ask you to follow my blog as I highlight COS and the people’s movement to regain control of government and our lives. It is good to stop being a spectator and be a part of the solution. You can have that feeling, too. Click here to sign the Petition and to volunteer to help COS: conventionofstates.com/
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  1. It’s like you forgot how many times the former POTUS went golfing over and over and over again. Is your memory so short, or just so biased?

    • Not short or biased. Actually quite objective and I monitor the President’s schedule daily and have yet to see Biden with more than two agenda items on any given day. When you want to talk facts instead of the stale golf line, get back to me.