Who is the Real Threat to Democracy

By Ray Cardello for January 11, 2021 Season 8 / Post 13

The Democrats treat everything as a threat to our Democracy. Trump was a threat. Voting laws are a threat. The demonstration at the Capitol was a threat. Preventing the Build Back Better Bill is a threat. Everything is a threat, and everything is hyperbole. But is there a genuine threat to our Democracy? I believe so, and I contend it is the Democrats. Let me show you how.

The Constitution is the foundation of our Republic. We technically do not have a Democracy, but it is that term that people often use to describe our country. There are many ways that the Democrats are trying to subvert the Constitution, and that is what I will detail today.

  1. The Filibuster. The Democrats want to abolish the Senate filibuster. The filibuster is what differentiates the Senate from the House. It requires most actions in the Senate to be determined by a two-thirds majority rather than a simple majority. The Senate is called the upper house or the deliberative body. With the Senate split 50-50 currently, there is little chance of passage of any Democrat initiatives unless the rules are modified. Chuck Schumer does not have the votes to eliminate the filibuster.
  2. Electoral College. The forefathers put the electoral college into place to equalize the states regardless of their population. Without the electoral college, the states with the highest population would determine our federal elections. It is why we are a Republic of 50 states rather than a Democracy of one country. Without the electoral college, the voters of California, Texas, Florida, and New York would have enough votes to make the other 46 states irrelevant. The Democrats believe the electoral college is outdated, and they would love to have California and New York determine our President.
  3. Federalize Elections. The Constitution gives the power to the states to control the election process. The Democrats ignore this fact and are trying to excite their base by lying about the laws passed by Red states to bolster the security of elections. They are resorting to terms like racism and Jim Crow to create a volatile situation between the Left and Right. It is futile but just another link in their chain to poison the Republican brand.
  4. Stacking the Supreme Court. The Democrats are not happy with the current make-up of the Supreme Court. The Conservatives have an edge, and they feel this is a threat to many of their causes but primarily Abortion Rights. There have been many instances where states have tightened abortion laws, and they think Roe V. Wade is in peril. There has been chatter amongst Democrats of adding six justices to the court, and if done now, they would be Liberal. This would give the Left power of the high court for decades.
  5. Adding Two States. The Dems want to add Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico as states. This would give them four more Senators and the majority in the Senate. There is no bipartisan support for either potential state, so this should be a dead issue.
  6. Popular Vote Contract. Because they feel they will never change the electoral college, there has been a move to have states change how they pledge their electoral votes. Currently, the votes are based on the candidate who garners the most votes in the state. Many states have voted to ignore the votes of their people and pledge their electoral college votes to the Presidential candidate who wins the national vote. This method will be challenged in the courts but will muddy the system in the short term.
  7. Age Limits and Non-Citizen Voting. These two are so bizarre, I have lumped them together. The Democrats want to see the voting age dropped to 16 and to have Green Card holders vote. There is no way to defend these Hail Mary changes. There is no way a 16-year-old is mature enough to make a decision in the voting booth, and voting must be reserved for citizens. Period.

These are eight ways the Democrats are trying to destroy this country. Let’s see if they have a list of Republican efforts. I think not.

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  1. “Demonstration at the Capitol”. Are you delusional? For someone who claims to be an admirer of the Constitution (you) and not see this as a physical attack on the Constitution by Trump and his supporters attempting to influence Pence to override the Constitution, you are either disingenuous in your commentary or just a “feckless” Trump supporter and not a true conservative. Which is it? You starting out your blog with such BS, prevents true conservatives like myself to give you any credibility with your following remarks.

    • Ah, Geno, we have missed you so. Delusional, absolutely not. I am far to aged to be delusional but realist? You bet. I wasn’t sure whether to use demonstration or rally. What do you call it when hundreds or unarmed people converge somewhere? Are you going with insurrection because you have heard it so often? Has anyone been charged with assault or a weapons charge? Has anyone been charged with anything other than trespassing or unlawful entry? Not yet and that is after a year-long investigation and thousands of hours of video. We do, however, have identified undercover FBI employees inciting the crowds and they have yet to be arrested or charged. So if a true conservative like yourself saw January 6, 2021 as a threat to our democracy, I suggest you see my post of January 11th where I detail the true threats to our Republic. I also explain the difference between the often used, but incorrect, term democracy and republic. It is nice to see that you still write to attack me and not argue on the content of my writing. It dispels your claim of conservatism and exposes you as the liberal you are. Take care.


        “The President bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding,” McCarthy said. I think the Republican leader here has better intel than you on what this event should be categorized as. I am consistent in my conservative views. Unfortunately, you are not and continue to spread disinformation. Take care

      • Enjoy your life in the past. I’m going to concentrate on how the current folks in DC are destroying our country. Keep rewriting your narrative. Eventually it will be as real as CNN’s and MSNBC’s.

  2. Geno you are not a true conservative. If you were, you would know that the Jan 6th riots were likely “incited” by planted FBI agents (heard of “Mr. Epps”?) There were anti-Trump folks embedded in the crowd. The hierarchy of the FBI is corrupt. Our government is not trustworthy.

    • Thank you, Kathy, for appropriately categorizing the event as a riot which it surely was. Although I disagree with your first sentences, you close with meaningful sentences.