COVID is the New Flu. Treat it So

By Ray Cardello for January 12, 2021 Season 8 / Post 14

I believe that the worst of COVID-19 is behind us. I think that Omicron, or whatever the third mutation will be called, will be with us forever. We will need a shot every year, as we do with the flu, but there will be no use of face masks, plexiglass barriers, or Social Distancing. We will get on with our lives, living with the risk. Again, that is my opinion.

There is no questioning the severity of COVID-19. There are very few lucky folks who a COVID-related death has not touched. With Omicron spreading rapidly, we are now looking at a very high percentage of people who contract the Omicron strain. The good thing is the level of attack on the body as some may feel only experience flu-like symptoms unaware they have the Omicron virus. Deaths are down considerably, and the number of people getting vaccinated or boosted grows daily. The efficacy of the vaccines and boosters is still in doubt. Many people who have the recommended shots may still contract the virus.

We are two years into this global pandemic, and one of its most significant impacts has been fear. As we now question and analyze the data supplied by the experts, like the CDC or WHO, the numbers are falling like a Saturday night Jenga Party. We are also calling out people who cite inaccurate statistics. This practice is dangerous and can be avoided.

When people at a high level of government speak, people take note and believe the information to be vetted and trustworthy. An example is the comments by Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor just a few say ago. The Justice’s stats claimed during the open session were over 100,000 children in the US hospitals with COVID. She went on to say many are on ventilators. This comment received 4 Pinocchios from the Washington Post. This exaggeration was Biden-worthy. The actual number is 3,500 hospitalized and very few on ventilators. She has yet to correct her statement.

We saw Dr. Fauci and Dr. Walensky contradict each other last week about basic COVID prevention and treatment recommendations. This lack of coordination cannot happen. These people have to be in sync, but it got worse. When asked by FOXNews about the percentage of COVID deaths that were directly attributed to the virus, she did not have the answer. She is the director of the one agency tasked with knowing everything about illness and disease in this country. This should have been an easy question to answer. She did clarify the situation later when she announced that as high as 40% of the deaths labeled as COVID were attributed to another cause, but the person tested positive for COVID. In other words, the deaths may have been the result of a car accident, homicide, work-related accident, heart attack, or any other reason. Still, since the person also tested COVID positive, the cause of death was ignored, and the reason listed on the death certificate was COVID.

This practice manipulates data and inflates the death toll, making it easier to control the population. It made implementing mandates on masks, social distancing, and vaccines easier. It further erodes the credibility of these experts and agencies. It is a false narrative.

The final topic I want to touch on today is the government’s new method to dispense preventive and therapeutic medication. That Race or Equity is considered before treatment is reprehensible and possibly illegal. The government, specifically the Joe Biden administration, has to step up its game. They have to stop falling into these traps that they created. People are watching, even if the mainstream media ignores these incidents, and people insist on the truth and fair treatment of all citizens. No qualifiers. Truth and fairness are the only acceptable methodology.

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  1. Our government has earned the reputation of being untrustworthy. To trust the government with being truthful is naive. How sad.