Why Do Dems Feel a Need to Block the Truth?

By Ray Cardello for July 24, 2021 Season 2 / Post 40

This topic is a huge conundrum. It is difficult, if not impossible, to get a Bill passed in the Senate with a unanimous vote. You can not get 100 Senators to agree on when to break for lunch. So it was amazing when S. 1867: COVID–19 Origin Act of 2021, introduced by Senator Josh Hawley R-MO, was passed by the Senate on May 26 by a unanimous vote of 100-0. The purpose of S 1867 is to declassify intelligence related to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese lab at the center of theories about the origin of COVID-19. All 100 Senators voted to assure transparency in the quest for the truth about the source of the COVID-19 Virus, then 216 Democrat Representatives decided there was no need to discover the truth. The vote to continue the discussion on the Bill was defeated on Tuesday night, which means the Bill is dead. It would need to come back to the floor for another vote, and as long as Nancy Pelosi is wielding the giant wooden gavel, the Bill is dead.

Why? The only purpose was to have access to classified intelligence information that they have accumulated to date. What does Nancy Pelosi not want the American people to see about the source of a Pandemic that crippled our country for over a year, killed thousands of Americans, and still stifles our economy today? Only Nancy can answer that question, but I fear this is another example of how deeply the tentacles of the Chinese government reach into our government.

This power of the Chinese regime is the third situation that has impacted the House and Senate in recent times. The other two involved Chinese spies either finding employment with one member while another spy could get into the bed of another. Interesting how all three of the members involved reign from the great state of California.

It was found that Senator Diane Feinstein had a Chinese National driving her personal vehicle for years. He quit and disappeared, but Feinstein suffered no consequences. Representative Eric Swalwell was having an affair with a female spy from China for an undisclosed time. The FBI tipped off Swalwell. Instead of seeing that the woman was arrested and investigated, he let her know what was happening so she could flee the country. No investigation was held. The targeted person was gone. Swalwell not only suffered no penalty, and he still serves on the House Intelligence Committee. No telling how much sensitive, classified material passed from his lips to her ears in the dark of the night. By the way, there was no internal investigation in either the Senate or House.

Just like Nancy did not want the facts on Eric Swalwell and whether he jeopardized National Security, she now wants to know nothing about COVID-19 and the Chinese. Nancy holds all the strings for her 215 puppets in the house, but the American people hold the strings on her. This stonewalling has to stop. Nancy Pelosi must do something to penalize Swalwell. It is not too late. She has to explain why she is blocking the information we have on the Chinese involvement in the spread of COVID-19 regardless of what the Chinese have on her. If she cannot perform her duties, her resignation will be gladly accepted.

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