You Cannot Protect Us and Be Against The Wall

By Ray Cardello for July 12, 2021 Season 2 / Post 28

We have three members of Congress representing Exeter, NH, in Washington. Two Senators, Jeanne Shaheen, and Maggie Hassan, and one Congressman, Chris Pappas. Today, I went to all three official websites to find their positions on The Wall and the Border Crisis. I came up empty. All three had sections touting how concerned they are about National Security and Drug Trafficking. But not a single mention of The Wall, Border Security, illegal drugs from Central America, or the threat to National Security caused by the flow of illegal immigrants coming across our Southern Border. How could they have left that info out?

Simple, it does not exist. In the spirit of full disclosure, the three did mention the Border but in light of faster processing of the immigrants and providing legal aid for them. They do not see the flow of humanity as a crisis. They say they are concerned about Fentanyl overdoses but not the illegal drugs coming in from Central America. Enough Fentanyl has come across our Border to kill every American, but that does not get the attention of our three progressive legislators. They would instead supply free legal assistance to illegal Border crossers than cut off the drug trafficking. These are the people who say they are concerned about Granite Staters and Americans-they lie.

New Hampshire, The Granite State, is the most beautiful state in New England, with the sandy beaches to the Presidential Range to the majestic lakes. Beauty and an attractive state built on personal freedoms. Live Free or Die is not just our motto but a way of life for genuine, conservative residents. With no sales tax, no income tax, and sound fiscal thinking, we are the go-to destination for folks who want to escape the liberal mess in neighboring Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan were both governors of New Hampshire. They used the Conservative foundation they inherited to attract folks to our state for better opportunities and lifestyles. Unfortunately, those folks brought their left thinking ideas with them, precisely what Shaheen and Hassan wanted. They wanted to transform New Hampshire into the same enabling situations that these people left behind. Their plan has worked until now. Conservatives are waking up and ready to take back the foundation their parents had built for them.

Chris Pappas is but the next in a string of left-leaning Congresspeople elected by the people that migrated to New Hampshire for what it offered but could not sever the need for the safety net of their past. Pappas was elected on the premise that his experience as a small business owner made him the right person to represent New Hampshire’s District 1. District 1 got snookered. We got a person with a plan to enhance the LGBTQ agenda and not much else. He has little concern for people who do not label themselves with a letter of the alphabet. Hopefully, his plan will end in 2022, and he can fill an empty spot at his family restaurant.

Conservatives are challenging people to anger. They tend to be logical thinkers and do not rely on emotions to make decisions. But try to take away our freedoms, and you have beaten the challenge. You have awakened an angry dog, and we are ready to fight to preserve our God Given Rights. Red is not only the color of our party but the look in our eyes. The tide is changing, and that wave isn’t just hitting the beach but aimed at DC. Live Free or Die is not just our motto, but our mission and these transforming Democrat politicians will be no match for our Conservative power.

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