Truckers, BLM and Teacher Contradictions

By Ray Cardello for February 8, 2022 Season 8 / Post 41

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us how meaningless words become when overused for effect. Mandates, hypocrisy, threats to democracy, and my favorite, insurrection, have all been used daily and for different reasons depending on the point to be made. This development is disappointing because words are essential and can clarify a report when used correctly. People who use words for their craft have destroyed their use.

In 2020, Black Lives Matter came into prominence when they organized protests, riots, took over police facilities, and occupation of entire sections of major cities such as Seattle or Portland. They destroyed property, businesses, and people’s livelihood. They were lauded by msm for bringing the plight of people of color to light. BLM signs peppered front lawns everywhere, and their logo was painted on many main streets. An entire neighborhood in Washington D.C. was named in their honor.

The BLM leader from Tennessee was convicted last week for voting illegally after felony convictions. The originator of BLM resigned after spending millions on Los Angeles properties. The two people she hired to replace her never took the positions citing irregularities. At last count, $60 Million is missing from BLM coffers. All this and yet schools celebrated BLM Week in schools as part of Black History Month. You cannot make this stuff up.

The GoFundMe site has come under intense fire this past week for seizing the $10 Million raised for the Truckers protesting COVID mandates in Canada. It has been reported, and there is evidence that GFM held this money at the request of the Canadian government.

Politicians like Kamala Harris raised money to bail out BLM supporters who were arrested and GoFundMe facilitated donations for the cause of justice. They claim that some truckers have been apprehended, showing this is no longer a protest but an insurrection and occupation which prompted them to make the poor decision to grab the funds.

GoFundMe, like Social Media Platforms, has designated itself as judge and jury on what cause is worthy of receiving donations. Mind you, these funds are not GoFundMe’s money. They are just the conduit between donators and the designated recipient. Maybe if the truckers set fire to buildings or loot Wal Mart and Walgreens, they would be praised and not denigrated. Then we can paint the Peterbilt logo on the street in the town square. We’ll be renaming that square to 18 Wheeler Way!

Politicians and the media are all coming down on the truckers for their civil disobedience and threat to democracy. These are people who the Pandemic and mandates have disadvantaged unfairly. The restrictions and skyrocketing fuel costs have jeopardized their industry and jobs. They are courageous to unite and bring change to these now unnecessary government controls. Prime Minister Trudeau went into hiding as the convoy traversed Canada and has not been seen since they converged on Ottawa.

The truckers are trying to make a difference while the teachers’ unions have seized the Pandemic to leverage more money and power. There are some school districts where teachers have yet to return to the classroom. Billions of dollars were earmarked in the stimulus bills for education and upgrades to schools, some not to be spent for years to come. But this is not enough for these greedy bureaucrats. They want to squeeze every dollar they can from the government. They claim to be concerned with the children, but their actions say otherwise. Teachers and their unions are doing far more damage to society than a group of truckers causing traffic concerns.

The media has a tremendous impact on how the public perceives these different situations. Reporters did video reporting in front of burning buildings in Portland and said the demonstrations were peaceful. These same reporters show truckers and supporters peacefully walking in Ottawa, calling them insurrectionists. Words matter, and the right word can change a sentence from blasé to impactful. But just like journalists have an obligation to be truthful, they have the same to be accurate in their assessment, especially when we can ascertain a situation with our eyes.

People are taking note of the tactics of these media outlets that are inserting themselves into their news. CNN is the best example where their viewer numbers are down 90% this year over last. That means 9 of 10 viewers have gone elsewhere. In the end, the people have the ultimate power with their votes, cash, or decisions.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com